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I have compiled a massive amount of research, you can view it all here.

In the last week alone, there have been reports here about Crowd PR Guru, Crowd Co, Crowd PR, and Crowd PR Ninja (as well as Crowdfunding PR Ninjas) and BeyondBuzz. It seems these companies (or company) is very active as of late. I felt it was necessary to do a full post an round up all the reports and investigate any links between these companies. Due to the similar sounding names, I as well as others in the community have been wondering if there is a connection between all of these companies, and wondering if they are all run by the same person or people. Something of a “group” of companies with slightly different brands who target projects and use the multiple brands to statistically increase their odds of closing a deal. If this is the case, then this “group” is one we all need to beware of as project creators. Evidence is scarce, but based on my research alone I believe there is a way to connect the dots. Following is my analysis of each company in the potential “Group” and any findings that may indicate they are connected. The conclusion section of this report includes a summary of my findings and the strongest evidence of all connections between these companies.

About Crowd PR Guru
There have been at least 2 scam reports on this company in this forum alone, and a very long thread about them in another crowdfunding forum. This company is using another company’s website (PR Hacker). It is the exact same website and a clone. Based on what I have read online, it is not possible to clone a website unless you have access to the backend of that website. I have read posts that the company they cloned their website from is something of a f establishment, where they allow other companies to use their brand association in order to get more customers. Again, this was but a casual mention I read about this so it may or may not be true. They may be the exact same company, a franchise, or there is still the chance that they were able to clone their website without proper login credentials. You can see a more in depth report as well as a full domain registrar analysis at the link below. There is also a person who has been posting daily about them online for over 3 years who says this company is also TopLevelPR, and TurnkeyPR.

About Crowd Co
This company has a long and ongoing thread on the forum here, several disgruntled former clients, but there does seem to be some arguing as to if they are actually a scam or not. But keep in mind: I reported yesterday that there are 2 companies with the exact same name in the exact same space. Perhaps this is some sort of slip up by the group where they allowed their names to be too similar and people began to catch on to it. A rookie mistake indeed. This easily identifiable naming structure does give credence that multiple brands are being used. Whois data as well as confirmed threads in this forum show that this company is based out of Los Angeles, and their domain was created 2013-06-06. This company has come up in threads in other forum about all of the companies mentioned in my post here, although the threads do seem to just be people adding their names in there, it still does count as a link however casual that link may be.

About Crowd PR
There is a recent thread about how Crowd Co has rebranded as Crowd PR. The Crowd PR domain, according to official whois registry was created on 2017-06-01. Due to the more recent creation date, it is quite possible that this company is a rebrand. The names are eerily similar as well, holding the exact same number of letters in them. The registrant contacts are different, but domain registrars allow you to enter any info you want into those. This company has shown up in the same posts by the disgruntled former of client of Crowd PR Guru who has been posting for 5 years. This person has begun to include this company into his posts, as well as 3 other companies. Due to the length of time this person has been posting and possible instability of the poster, I do not consider this to be proof but I do consider this to be something of a link between them. Although this company has not been around for 5 years it is quite possible they are indeed a rebrand of other agencies. Also, this company does show up in a thread on another forum about Crowd PR guru, which is another potential connection. But I do think the mention is from the same person who has been posting for years where their posts include all of the other companies (or company) mentioned in my post.

About Crowd PR Ninja
This company has been proven to also go by the name of Crowdfunding PR Ninjas according to whois data. Here we have clear evidence of rebranding. This company does the same thing as all of the other companies mentioned here, which is another dead give away of the connection in both naming and type of service. Their whois data includes the exact same contact info and company LLC names, so it’s safe to say without a doubt that these 2 are the same companies operating behind different but similar brand names.

The first red flag here is they all have the same name, and the same kind of service is provided. We have found whois matches for Crowd PR Ninja and Crowdfunding PR Ninjas. There is also people who have talked with Crowd PR Guru, TopLevelPR, and TurnkeyPR, BeyondBuzz and can confirm that these 3 are the same companies. The link between Crowd Co and Crowd PR is less established, but they have the same name and according to posts online they charge the same rate for their service as well. Too much to be a coincidence.

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