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Just launched a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign and looking for help? While there are good and professional agencies, some people see crowdfunding as a great opportunity to scam you.

Make sure to do your due diligence. Most of the Kickstarter or Indiegogo scams can be easily discovered by checking the age of the domain and site structure.

Sites such as, Beyondbuzz and Crowdfund Clicks – Social Media For Crowdfunders are brand new and a scam. And while the site is older, we still have to find the first, real and positive review for crowdfundmafia or

Crowdfundclicks offers a fixed fee + %. They market themselves as the number one social media marketing agency for crowdfunding since 2013. They bought an expired domain on 25.05.2017 and started their scam in May 2017. All reviews are fake and they create(d) their own reviews and “articles”. Take a closer look.  They send bot traffic to your campaign. And that’s the only thing you will receive.

The scam artist behind crowdfundclicks creates new websites every x months, Backer Flood – Social Media For Crowdfunders was their previous site (exact same setup), as well as crowdfundsocial, recently beyondbuzz .com (fake reviews, podcast video is created and ordered on Fiverr; there was never a campaign nor monthly podcast, they are not a shark tank agency nor did they very work with them, etc) , bepPromotions, and many more.

Gogoboosters offers backer lists, media lists, etc. Non of the backers permitted to collect or share their email. Using them equals spamming. Kickstarter can close your campaign by sending out spam emails. Chances that a backer will see your spam email are slim, chances that someone will back your campaign after receiving a spam email, zero.

CROWD PR is a new website as well (June 2016), using Fiverr gigs (I have the email from the owner to prove it) that generate fake traffic (bots). The campaigns they worked with never worked with them.

And then there is Backercity. Based on the well-known backerclub (scam), they created another mediocre same-style website which is a few months old. Backercity does do not have any real  backers, they do not distribute a campaign relevant newsletter and they do not have a real backers platform. When entering your email, you will receive a weekly e-mail directing you to their e-commerce site. And that is it. All reviews, all campaigns they worked with? Fake. All campaigns listed ended long before they actually launched their website just a few month ago.

Did you get scammed by one of these ” Kickstarter marketing agencies “? Contact us and tell your story. We can help you to get your money back. Need more help with Facebook ads? Check “5 оr mоrе strategies tо gеt better Fасеbооk Ad соnvеrѕіоnѕ.”



  1. PRKICK = backerflood = firstwavepr = toplevelpr = crowdfundsocial = smartboostsystem = crowdfundforum = crowdfundingbase = toplevelpr = crowdfundclicks. They change names every few months.

    I hired PRKICK for my Kickstarter. Worst decision ever. They did not only take 5 days to get my 3 pitches ready, and I had to completely rewrite it at the end. They use fake reviews, false claims and rip you off with a smile.

    They did not get back to me close to the end of my campaign with an email stating that they did deliver everything, but the campaign was not going to make it. I WAS ALREADY 130% FUNDED! They did not even follow up or bother to check my campaign before sending me the email.

    I did my research, research I should have done before hiring the prkick aka crowdfundsocial aka smartboostsystem aka backersflood scam crew. EVERYTHING they claim is false:
    they only started in December 2016, not 3–5 years before that

    2. They have the first page in google full of reviews, but when looking closer, all self-created reviews, not a single one of them is real, they manage a fake blog/forum site originating in the Philippines. It in few a few articles and several posts on prkick and how amazing they are. It’s owned and operated by the aka 10 other names scam team.

    Screen Shot 2017 12 22 at 15 03 57

    Here is an example of what pretends to be a campaign manager, but is a hired actor: .

    3. they have a review with a video on this site with “susan-raised-over-90k-on-kickstarter-in-3-simple-steps-crowdfunding-success” — the video is from a person selling video reviews on fiverr. It’s NOT real. The campaign owner confirmed me that they never worked with them. To show how they blatantly scammed me, and you: the campaign ended years before.

    To show how they blatantly scammed me, and you: the campaign ended years before even started (they never worked with the campaign) and they use fake Fiverr testimonials.

    5. They operate different sites, crowdfundsocial, toplevelpr and All use the same type of images (all stolen from the internet), fake team members (images are from other people) and fake ‘campaigns we’ve worked with’.

    Needless to say that they brought in exactly zero funds in and that for a fully funded campaign.

    6. Their latest scam service ( claims to have been on the market for years, and brought in +10 million USD.

    They are in the market since April 20, 2017 !! (all fake reviews and self-published articles are from that time as well).

    Smartboostsystem is the PRkick’s site to scam Indiegogo campaigns. Same setup: fake reviews a fictive person (Milton Craig) and ‘as seen on’ = there is not a single post or REAL review. Only negative experiences from campaign owners who got scammed by smartboostsystem, PRKICK, crowdfundsocial, etc (again, all are owned by the same scammers)

  2. Add Beyond Buzz ( to your latest scam list as well.

    BeyondBuzz ( = backerflood = firstwavepr = toplevelpr = crowdfundsocial = smartboostsystem = crowdfundforum = crowdfundingbase = toplevelpr = crowdfundclicks.

    They’re the same scam crew that has been at this for years. Another BS agency part of the same scam group as Crowd PR aka ( Nothing but scammers that change their name when their reputation catches up to them. Avoid these scammers at all cost.

  3. BeyondBuzz is another big top offender. I saw a google ad that claimed to “rank” all these crowdfunding agencies and of course they placed themselves as #1. So many fake bought reviews that they tried to put on Google to hide the truth. Google them, they’re the same as these top level kick PRKick people. I wish the truth could be exposed.

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